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Splashdown beach party


Beach PartIES!

Wanna take your party to the beach? NO PROBLEM! Party Masters is ready to get Sandy whenever you are! We've teamed up with PARADISE PADDLE to bring you this one! You and your guests will enjoy the use of paddleboards, kayaks, reef boards and and floats during you Splash Down Party! We deliver the equipment to the beach of your choice, brief you on how to use the equipment and collect when the party is over! You'll enjoy an awesome fun-filled beach day party and we'll be right there to ensure it's just that... FUN!  

Package includes, 4 paddleboards, 2 double seater kayaks, 1 reefboard and 4 personal floats. Additional items can be added if so desired. You'll have full use of our equipment for for the entire duration of your party (8 hours max.) Our friendly staff will ensure you and guests know how to properly use the equipment before leaving by conducting a briefing on each item. 


Screenshot 2019-11-06 at 7.44.35 PM.png


HALF DAY (4 Hrs Max)      - $425

FULL DAY (8 Hrs Max)       - $550

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