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Ocean Hangout Adventure

For a truly


LOCAL VIBE experience! 


Ocean Hangout Adventure

Head on out to our ONE-OF- A KIND OCEAN HANGOUT PLATFORM for a fun-filled day of adventure and relaxation. You'll be briefed before hopping into our kayaksand from there, the adventure begins! BOOK NOW

​Collect your kayak at the beach and load it up with whatever you like. From there, you'll have a quick 2 minute paddle out to our uniquely designed Ocean Hangout Platform. Once there, you'll either grab a hammock under an authentically Caymanian-built SILVER THATCH ROOF or a lounge chair on the deck and catch some rays. You'll also have access to a sound system, benches, paddleboard bar, bar stools, cooler, kayaks, paddleboard, snorkel gear and floats to enjoy for the duration of your "hangout." Surely the perfect way to spend some unforgettable quality time with friends and family!

Of course you'll also enjoy breathtaking views of 7 Mile Beach while relaxing on the open ocean -Free of all the traffic on the shoreline. Our Ocean Hangout is quite different in that it's the only one of its kind in all of Cayman! Spending time there almost feels as if you're on your own little private island. We ensure your safety while "hanging out" by keeping a lifeguard on duty at all times. He/she will be there to keep you safe as well as assist you in any way to ensure your day is as stress-free as possible.

The surrounding water will range from 10-15 feet deep, perfect for a nice little snorkeling session to explore the surrounding area. Or, you could grab a Paddleboard or kayak and take it out for a spin. Feeling lazy? No problem! You're in the right place for that too! You can either lay out on the ocean on a large group float or relax in lounge chair or hammock on the deck. There will be more than enough to see and do and so, so much to enjoy! The day ends with a quick 2 - 3 minute kayak back to shore... Of course this is likely be done with a HUGE SMILE plastered on your face :)



PRICE: $420


PRICE: $670




5 Double Kayaks & 1 Single-Seater Kid's Kayak

2 Paddleboards

Up to 20 Snorkel Sets 

Large Group Floats

2 Coolers

Life Jackets & Snorkel Vests


Recommended for everyone, adults and kids alike!


Extra kayaks can be rented for additional guests @ $65/kayak.

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