Ocean Picinic PartY

For a truly


LOCAL VIBE experience! 

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​Feel like throwing a completely off the wall party? Try this one! You'll be briefed before hopping into a Jackson Kayak and from there... the adventure begins!

​You'll Kayak out to our Rainbow-Splashed Ocean Picnic Platform, complete with picnic benches, lounge area, beach chairs and umbrellas. This platform is pretty unique and a great hangout spot. Enjoy various snacks and drinks while relaxing on the open ocean. You'll have this cool little spot all to yourself!  Hang out and take in the view or head overboard for a little snorkelling session. There will be more than enough to see and so much to enjoy. A short 5 minute kayak back to shore brings your party to an end. We promise this will be a party to never forget!

PARTY DURATION: Up to 4 Hours 

PRICE: $599

PARTY DURATION: Up to 8 Hours 

PRICE: $799


PARTY INCLUDES: 8 DOUBLE SEATER KAYAKS (seats 16 guests,) snorkel gear and life vests. 

Recommended for everyone, adults and kids (8+) alike!


Extra kayaks can be rented for additional guests @ $30/kayak.