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Rollaway Mini-Golf

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Get ready for Grand Cayman’s best LASER TAG PARTY!

With the most high-tech laser tag system, the Razorback© by Elite Laser Tag, players feel as if they’ve been thrust into “combat,” where they battle for survival…but it’s safe…and incredibly FUN!  

Imagine the thrill of battle…in your own backyard, school, park, or gymnasium! 

Backyard Laser Tag brings high-tech, realistic “battlefield” action right to you!  Our Game Coach sets up the Laser Tag playing field, instructs players for “battle,” hands out equipment, and runs the party!  You relax and your home stays nice and clean!

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Built-In Scoring,

team-coordinated LEDs, sound effects, and more!

Our amazing laser taggers are state-of-the-art! Our re-spawn station allows players to get back in the game with more “lives” and reload with “ammunition.”  It’s high-tech, realistic fun for all ages! Our laser taggers work day or night, indoors or out!  Up to 10 can play at once, and we can rotate players through for large-group events!  We bring our amazing laser tag party right to you throughout Grand Cayman from our base in Camana Bay/7 Mile Beach.


School & Church Function Entertainment

Backyard Laser Tag provides school function, church group, and non-profit entertainment for all ages!

Everybody loves Laser Tag, and this fast-paced exciting game is great for even the largest crowds! Our Game Coach can rotate large groups by playing “timed” games with intervals from 10 to 20 minutes each. We’ve got your entertainment needs ready to go, we come right to you!  No buses needed to move the kids anywhere.  Our Game Coach will set up the Laser Tag playing almost anywhere, indoors or out!

Fun Trucks Cayman is a great idea for school functions like student rewards, field day, safe graduation and prom entertainment, summer camps and day camps, church groups, fundraisers, fairs, and much more!

Backyard Laser Tag Birthday Parties

The best Birthday Party entertainment in Grand Cayman? Fun Trucks Cayman brings it right to you!

No more boring birthday parties! Every kid (and adult, too!) loves Laser Tag, and our fast-paced “combat action” keeps kids cheering, shouting, running, and smiling for hours! Our Game Coach handles it all…we instruct the players, set up the playing field and equipment, and keep the games running smoothly while you relax!

Laser Tag Kids

Weekends (Friday-Sunday):

  • 1 Hour Party: CI $400 (Limited to WB, 7 Mile & GT)

  • 1 1/2 Hour Party: CI $475

       Additional Time: CI $195/hour

Laser Tag Kids

Weekdays (Monday-Thursday):

  • 1 Hour Party: CI $400 (Limited to WB, 7 Mile & GT)

  • 1.5 Hour Party: CI $425
    Additional Time: CI $195/hour

  • 3 Hour Party (90 minutes of gaming + 90 minutes of laser tag)                                            CI $625


Wanna add a few EXTRAS to your party? (Click here for more info)

  • *SURCHARGES: Party Masters does not charge for delivery of Laser Tag in WB, 7 Mile, GT and Savannah. Surcharge fees will apply to parties held in BT, EE & NS. There are also set-up and break-down fees associated with our Video Game/Laser Tag Party combo. These Fees are listed on the booking page.

COMBO: Laser Tag & Video Game Party

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